Why us ?


Rotem Raff, CEO and owner of Pure Production, has been living and breathing the event planning business for more than a decade. Raff and his professional crew have established business relations with the best venues and suppliers in the field.


Each event is tailored to your needs, You will be accompanied by an experienced and creative team that lives and breathes productions and events of all types and sizes: weddings, concept events, business events, galas, launches, PR and branding events, fairs, conferences, fashion shows and more.


We do not know the sentence “we’ll be fine” we make sure everything is perfect, To the last detail. We work with your brand book, pay attention to the small nuances and check that everything is synchronized. For us, Perfectionism is the name of the game And we think that’s what makes a good production for a premium writer.

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Business & Pleasure

The perfect event for you

Whether you dreamed of a wedding in the middle of the desert, or wanted to mark a special event for you in a private villa with a pool, whether you are culinary people who connect to a private chef who will arrange for you the order of your dreams or if alcohol

It is your old love and your desire is to delight the guests with a cocktail of 15 ingredients to be assembled by me

A professional mixologist, if styling and design flows in your veins and words such as esthetics, pinterest and flower arrangements are

Great love for you. Whether musical content is a real value for you and a live and creative performance or a truly special artist

Exciting you – this is your chance to give us a phone and fulfill your dreams with us. read more…

Launches & concept events

Product Launch, Official Opening,
Fashion shows

Conferences and fairs

Professional Conferences, KICK-OFF,
Hackton and sponsorship.

Social events

For employee and customer reasons,
Formation of senior managers

success stories

Lausanne for the Thousand of Mission, Kunskturr
Edificing Elliot. Seth Almancom Nisi Nun
Vestibulum at Dolor, Karras and Agath Lactus
Election of the United States of Uruguay and Tidum

Osnat Priel

Media Manager. Solar Edge

Lausanne for the Thousand of Mission, Kunskturr
Edificing Elliot. Seth Almancom Nisi Nun
Predicted. Des Eyacoles Volopte Diem.
Vestibulum at Dolor, Karras and Agath Lactus
Vestibulum at Dolor, Karras and Agath Lactus
Embarrassed. Later it will be the third time

Daniel Levi

Marketing Manager, ONE1