How to Host a Wedding at Home

September 29, 2018

When it comes to weddings, there is no place like home!

If your parents don’t have a mansion the chances are that your childhood home is not suited for hundreds of guests, lots of cars, and a large quantity of service providers.

If in fact you have a land that fits all these criteria, although this process can be tougher than you thought, you will not be sorry that your ceremony took place somewhere that is so special to you.

*The minimal area that is recommended is 2.5 m per guest*

You need a venue for your wedding reception

Is there enough room for your guests? If there isn’t, you will need to start reducing your guest list. Don’t mistake to think that a crowded area is pleasant. It is always best to combine a separated area for the reception/meal/party and an area that is best suited for your ceremony. It is best to find an area that is comfortable and pleasant with a wide open space that is suited for the wedding reception.

A build Chuppah (With a stable structure that allows a complex design) will stay in place throughout the entire event*

Don’t try and do everything by yourself

Hiring an experienced wedding producer will give a professional point of view on the house and what you can expect. You will also need service providers in order to cover all components: setup, preparation of the surface, food and beverage, service, sound and lighting, space layout, parking, cleanliness during and after the event. There is always an option to organize an event by yourself however working with a producer can be the best decision for your event. A producer will find you the right suppliers and the best prices which will save a lot of money.

It is critical to take care and nourish your grass early enough in order for the event space to stay well kept. It doesn’t matter if it means using a lawnmower or a gardener; the area that you will be hosting your guests will need to look accordingly. In addition, the flowers that are planted will need to be seasonal long.

It is important to ask for advice about the sprinkler system from your gardener… it won’t be pleasant to put a peg in your water sprinkler system or alternately having the water sprinkler system start operating during the event.

You will need to rent everything

The items that are important in an event is a serving buffet, tables, chairs, fans/umbrella, portable bathrooms, during hot summery days it is important to have shade. Every service provider brings their own required equipment – DJ, stage, sound and lighting and generators etc.

Equipment that is often missed and forgotten to order:

A table for the marriage contract signing, a table to the wedding ceremony (wine glass, breaking of the glass), kippah, pens and envelopes, a backup generator.

Do not forget the generator

In most houses there is no cable that is suitable to operate the equipment, especially if the event takes place in the evening. In the night time there is requirement for extra lighting, not only for the party area also for the workers, catering, and lighting for the parking area. You don’t want to risk a power outage, it is important to have a list of quantities of the catering’s electrical requirements, bar, coffee bar and the remainder of the equipment (fans, light source etc.), it is best to clarify all this a couple of months before your wedding.

The electrical layout and its suitability to the event can be more expensive than a regular generator, it is best to verify the required distribution and the minimal distance a generator can be placed.

The Suppliers need to inspect your house

In order to determine the required equipment for your event, the suppliers will need a tour of the home to be familiar with the space. The catering company will confirm if the size of the kitchen space is suitable for an event. The sound man will confirm the acoustics and the sound requirements, the event designer will check the natural décor of the house and will suggest elements to complete the decoration.

*Transporting and carrying items is an expensive business, if the access into the event is not easy it is important to let the supplier know, the difference in prices can be very high. You should not rely on the price quote given to you on the phone, it is best to be familiar with all the details regarding your event.

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