How to save on company events

September 29, 2018

How an experienced event producer creates savings in producing corporate events.

The manager of the marketing / welfare department who is responsible for events at the company can achieve significant savings in the events section by hiring a professional and experienced event producer. Although management may sometimes think that it is possible to manage without a producer, and that the “internal” production is cheaper – this is wrong thinking.

Here at Pure Productions there are several fundamental reasons why our service ensures both a more successful event and cost savings:

  • And the quantity of production – we advise the manager of the company who is facing us, how to save the budget of the event in every possible aspect – whether it is savings of manpower, savings in the choice of venue, saving of raw materials and, of course, the most important.
  • Size advantage – The prices we receive as a leader in the field, which is responsible for dozens of events a year, are much cheaper than any price our customer can accept.
    Creativity – In our society you will find the creative and experienced minds that created concepts for hundreds of successful events. We will know how to leverage the values ​​of the company, its messages and goals relating to the particular event, and make them the basis for the concept of a unique and winning event.
  • Customization – In our company, a custom manufacturing and construction department, graduates of a degree in industrial design, will create for you the highest quality artistic elements and décor, at a cost that will save you a lot of money compared to using an external contractor for this purpose.

Save the penny

Sometimes you do not have to cut corners at all costs. In our business, we have already seen all kinds of customers trying to save money. “Cutting the section of paving under the tent looks great on paper, until it rains,” our producer says. “A cheap amplification company may turn a party / live performance into a jarring hearing experience. Usually an unskilled organizer will not distinguish between a cheap Chinese specimen and a quality bony specimen, for example.” We have even encountered customers who are trying to waive the necessary event permits and our approach to such customers is simple. “I hope they will not catch you – but we will not be part of such an event.”

For example, there has been a recent case in which a client’s attempt to save money at a prestigious event ultimately resulted in an injury to the event’s invitees and the company’s reputation. The customer preferred to give up the Drayl cloth shading, and chose to sound unprofessional interest and choose a simple Lycra. Lycra fabric does not sound but creates a greenhouse effect that caused discomfort and sweating invitees in suits.

In another case we knew, a customer tried to save and chose to order products from an international shopping site, without distinction that there are products for which the shipment is complex and there is a possibility that their delivery date will not be in line with the date of the event. In this case the customer was forced to order the product from a local company at very short notice and therefore the cost was significantly higher than the original cost.


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