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Rotem Raff, CEO and owner of Pure Production, has been living and breathing the event planning business for more than a decade. Raff and his professional crew have established business relations with the best venues and suppliers in the field.


Each event is tailored to your needs, You will be accompanied by an experienced and creative team that lives and breathes productions and events of all types and sizes: weddings, concept events, business events, galas, launches, PR and branding events, fairs, conferences, fashion shows and more.


We do not know the sentence “we’ll be fine” we make sure everything is perfect, To the last detail. We work with your brand book, pay attention to the small nuances and check that everything is synchronized. For us, Perfectionism is the name of the game and we think that’s what makes a good production a Super Premium.

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Whether you dreamed of a wedding in the middle of the desert, or wanted to mention a special event for you in a private villa with a pool, whether you are culinary people who connect to a private chef who will make up your dream order or if alcohol is your old love and your desire is Delight your guests with a 15-component cocktail composed by a professional mixologist, styling and flowing design in your veins. Words like esthetics, pinterest and flower arrangements are a great love for you. If musical content is a real value for you and a live performance and creative or a truly special artist
Exciting you – this is your chance to pick up a phone and fulfill your dreams with us. Read more …

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Weddings production in Israel and abroad

success stories

" Rotem our super producer!! We want to thank you a million times for being the best producer and beyond.
You were very professional, creative and always surprised us for the best. You were very sensitive in many situations and knew to identify what needed to happened in every moment. You got things done fast and bargained for us. You produced an amazing wedding and pool party!! "

Ifat & Tal

Hangar 11

" Now that we’ve had the time to relax we can finally thank you. Rotem you are the best. I will begin with a big gratitude on the effort that is far from being obvious, on the down to earth personality that came with great concern and never said no to any request we had. Thank you for always keeping us calm and being patient. You always do everything with great love and a big smile! We have no words to describe our love and appreciation towards you! "

Adi & Idan

Private Vila

"I would like to thank Pure Production for
This amazing wedding week you produced for us!
We will always remember the amazing moments we experienced
With you, that's exactly what we dreamed of! Thanks
To the whole team and to the chief captain Rotem Raff! nothing
It is doubtful that this is a pure moment in life "

Roey & Adi

Sea Line

"How do you summarize an entire event in 5 words - that
It would not have happened without you !!! thank you very much for
The whole process - professionalism, love, support
Help, understanding and performance. There is no god in the world ".

Danielle & Ofer

Andromeda House

"The day we became engaged, I knew there was no one
After I want to be with me than Rotem
And his professional staff. There was no demand
One, no matter how delusional she did not receive
Full response. One of the main things
We heard about our wedding from this guests
That the event had been phenomenally ticked, of course
Mainly in the Pure Production franchise,

Yael & Yonatan

Hangar 11